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Malicious File Hunter is packed with features to help search and find exact files names on our network, primarly malware files.

Search an entire network. 10s, 100s or 1000s of computers...

Live Search

You get what's there. Now

Ever found a malware that your antivirus didn't detect and want to check what other computers or your network has it? how about a user complaining they received a suspicious attachment and you are not sure if other got the same? executed it and even infected their system. Malicious File Hunter allows you to search an entire network of computers and get realtime results. No agents and no databases. What you see in the result is what is there on the target machine.

Search for multiple files across multiple machines. Get one result!

Find 1 file or dozens

In a single search

Searching across a number of computers can be run for one or multiple files. This is ideal if you have a list of usual suspect files hitting your company. There is awlays room to add more files to search for. In today's thread landscape, you will awlays be search for a number files in one query. It's a lot faster that running multiple separate searches.

Agentless. Start searching in 5 minutes, or less.

No Agents to deploy

Installs on 1 machine. Searches entire network

Traditional tools, such as SCCM and file discovery software, are often convluded and complicated requiring deploying agents, software requirements, configuring databases, opening firewall rules, setting AV exclusions and list goes on. Malicious File Hunter uses builtin Windows components to search and find files of interest using a simple query. You can be up and running in less then 5 minutes.

Found a suspicious file? Copy to \\share. Zipped with a password.

Remote Copy

One click away!

You started a search, found a file or a couple of them. Now what? call the Junior admin in Banglore or Boston to locate the machine, zip the file and send it to you - and hope another system doesn't get accidently infected?

With MFH, you use Copy to Share. All you need is rights on the machine and destination share. One or multiple files can be copied, zipped and password protected with one click!

Schedule one or multiple searches and save to CSV

Searches while you sleep

Hands off

Running the same searches daily or weekly can be painful. That's way we have added the Scheduler. You can create one or multiple scheduler tasks, similar to Windows Scheduler to search for specific files on once, daily, weekly or monthly. The results are saved to path of your choice to CSV file for further analysis. You can always open those files using MFH and remotely copy any files of interest.

Spend more time search, less scripting.

0 Scripts

No coding required

There are many scripts available on that allows you to search remote computers on your network. Some are written in VBScript, others run on Powershell plus some other scripting tools. But who really wants to use them? do you want to spend your time finding malware and cleaning your network or writing scripts that may or may not work?

...and more.

More in

More on the way

Download your free trial today and see what we have packed in MFH. We are constantly improving and adding new features to Malicious File Hunter.

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