Live Search Realtime Search for Files

This is the most important feature and the core function of Malicious File Hunter software. Live search allows IT administrators and IT security professional to search and entire network of Windows computers for one or multiple files. It's called Live search because the data is retrieved in realtime from targeted computers.

With Live Search, nothing is pulled from a database or cache. For example, searching for scvhost.exe, a known malicious file, will return the list of computers which has this file including other details.

Search is distributed among all involved systems, so there is no strain of ressources on a single system. For example, if you search 500 computers for scvhost.exe, the software will send the search request to each of these 500 systems. Then each system on the list will start it own searches locally. When a file is found, which usually take a few seconds or a couple of minutes depending on what's running on those systems, the results are sent to Malicious File Hunter and displayed in results.

The Search Log tab shows the whole progress of search, so you can tell which computer the software is working on. The Status bar keeps tracking on the entire search process showing you how many systems processed, number files found

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