Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Malicious File Hunter, or MFH for short, is a security software that runs on Windows and allows IT Security Administrators to search for the presence of one or multiple files across their entire network of Windows systems. For example, if a known malicious file is found on one computer, an IT Administrator can use MFH to check if any other system on the network is infected with the same malware. Search query is based on full, partial or wild card query.
The investigative and forensics type. Malicious File Hunter is not an Antivirus, nor it’s Anti-spyware, Firewall or software that uses signature. It’s a vital security software in your arsenal of malware search destroy toolbox and it works on an entire network of computers, rather than just one.
Yes, both x32 and x64 platforms supported.
Search Intelligence is consolidated list of data of known APT, sophisticated malicious files and other popular malware indicators. The purpose of Search Intelligence is to provide information for some important searches to check their network for malware. Details will be available on user accounts and we will sent out an email when it becomes available.
Any Windows operating system from Windows 2000 SP4 to the latest Windows 8.1, including x32, x64, IA64 and server editions. You can also search Windows NT4, 98 and 95 if you install WMI available from Microsoft. So yes, just about any Windows version in existence!
Yes. All you need is a Windows account credential with rights on those systems.
Not out of the box. We have tested it to run with no issues on VMware Fusion running any supported Windows OS. We have not tested it on VMware for Linux, but we don't expect any issues there. Let us know if you find any by contacting support.
Yes, only to validate license. No data other than Name, Email and License key is sent.
Very fast. Search is distributed to each machine in your network to run a search locally for the target file(s),
Yes. Unlike Windows search and other search software, Malicious File Hunter queries filesystem.
If the file is on the system and match the search query, it will find it.

License Questions

Standard, Professional and Enterprise. We have a Free Demo too. See details here.
There are different additional features in each edition. Here is what's included in all editions:
  • Live Search
  • Free Updates & Upgrades
  • Awseome Support
  • 30 Days free trial
Checkout pricing table for details.
Absolutley. There is no need to reinstall either and you can do this from your account, which takes less 3 minutes.
As many as you need. There is no limit.
Yes. Volume discounts starts from 10+ licenses of any edition. You can also mix and match. Contact our sales team for details.
Login to your account and click licenses. If you lost your password, you can retrieve it here.


Pretty standard stuff. Malicious File Hunter installer will check and automatically download .NET and Visuall C++ from Microsoft.
See requirements details here
Yes, 3 things:
  • Enable WMI: Windows Management Instrumentation service enabled. Builtin any Windows OS from 2000 SP4 and later
  • Firewall: Allow Inbound rule for WMI. There is an existing rule in Windows Firewall that you need to enable
  • Administrator rights or user with WMI rights on remote computers
  • In most cases, WMI is already enabled and running in a domain and workgroup environment. In that case, you just need to check Firewall rule for WMI is allowed.

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