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Your new malware hunting tool - on a network scale!

Malicious File Hunter software lets you remotely search for any malware file(s) on any Windows computer on your network simply using file names. While other security tools scan files with definitions, heuristics and match them against one or multiple database, our software opens the door for true professional malware hunting. There is not limit on what you could find.

Scan 10s, 100s or even 1000s of computers on your network for known malicious file match. You can also find new and unknown malware by searching for usual malicious files used in email attacks. Partial filenames and wildcards takes it one step further and you can also schedule search tasks and only take a look if something warrants your attention.

It’s easy to see the return on the investment by using Malicious File Hunter to search for targeted threats and advanced persistent threats (APT) that previously hit your network or have been disclosed on the web. Checkout features for details.

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With first 30 days free trial, you can easily see ROI of running Malicious File Hunter. The software is easy to install and you can start searching in a few minutes.

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Live Search

No database and no cache here. The results you get are from realtime search and files found are what's on the related systems. Simple. Learn more »


Using built-in Windows WMI, there is no agent to deploy. Start searching Windows 2000/XP/7/8 systems in minutes. Learn more »

Multi File Search

Check for the presence of one file or dozens of them. In a single search. Learn more »


Scheduler allows you to run multiple scheduled searches and have the results saved on a path of your choice. Learn more »

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Very powerful options built right in

There are so many things you can do with Malicious File Hunter software. Find malicious file is just one of them. You can also use it to find missing files scattered across the network.

  • Agentless
  • No Drive Mapping
  • One Credential is Enough
  • Hidden or Not
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What people are saying...

As a Windows Administrator of a large financial organisation, I've always had to write scripts to automate WMI and Powershell tasks. This tool is a real time saver.

MFH makes it incredibily easy for junior admins and IT support to search for known bad files across hundreds of systems.

Roger Thompson - Britchlink, Ltd.
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I follow various security blogs that publishes details of various Trojans, Backdoors and other malicious nasties. SCCM and other database tools often have outdated data and relies on agents. MFH finds the files I search for and helps me keep a clean network.

Mr. Brideaux, Manager at CarInsuranceHub.com

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MFH is a robust search software utlizing the powerfull Microsoft Windows WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). This API is available from Windows 2000 to the latest release of Windows 8.1.